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/ 1 page
Free Website, Blog, And Money Making Tutorials.
Adobe/ 1 page
Adobe Tutorials Sitemap.
Actionscript/ 1 page
Introduction To Action Script.
Aftereffects/ 1 page
Intro To After Effects.
Bridge/ 1 page
Learn Adobe Bridge | Beginners Guide.
Dreamweaver/ 1 page
Intro To Adobe Dreamweaver.
Fireworks/ 1 page
Intro To Adobe Firewoks.
Flash/ 1 page
Intro To Adobe Flash.
Illustrator/ 1 page
Intro To Adobe Illustrator | Beginners Guide.
Indesign/ 1 page
Intro To Adobe In-Design | Beginners Guide.
Lightroom/ 1 page
Adobe Lightroom tutorials for beginners.
Photoshop/ 1 page
Learn Adobe Photoshop At Ease.
Premiere Pro/ 1 page
Introduction To Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Radio/ 1 page
Ghanachild Live Radio
Blogging Tutorials/ 1 page
Create a blog in few steps
Contact/ 1 page
Contact | ghanachild.com
Entertainment/ 11 page
Entertainment Corner
Watch Ghanaian Movies.
Enjoy Nigerian Movies | Nollywood Specials.
Listen To Ghanaian HipLife.
Watch African Mixed Movies.
Listen To African Mixed Music.
Listen To Reggae Music.
Listen To HipHop, Soul, And R&B Plus Spotify
The Top Ten African Movies.
The Top Ten African Music
Play Free Browser Games Online.
Hot Stuff/ 1 pages
Universal Product Code vs. Quick Respond Code.
KnowledgeBase/ 12 pages
Knowledge Base
Installing A Hardware Driver.
Enable Windows Desktop Icon Label Transparency.
Convert FAT Hard-Disk To NTFS.
Customize A PageFile On A Separate Partition.
Speed Up Your System Using ReadyBoost
Redirecting Temp Folder To Another Partition.
How To Enable The Flip-3D Effect In Widows 7
Solve Windows Blue Screen Problems
Microsoft Silverlight Simplified Tutorial
Learn How To Easily Build A Personal Computer [PC].
Explaining UEFI, EFI, And BIOS.
Making Money/
Affiliate Marketing/ 1 page
Affiliate marketing tips and tricks
Google/ 1 page
Monetize Website Or Blog | Using Adsense
Pages/ 22 pages
Search Engine Optimization [SEO].
Promote Your Website The Right Way.
Drive free traffic to your website or blog.
Absolute Free Website Template
Hot stuff | Universal Product Code vs. Quick Respond Code
Finding Success In Business | ghanachild.com
Graphic Formats, Tools, Bitmap And Vector.
Audio Recording & Playback Configuration.
Record And Edit Sound, With Audacity | Free Sound Editor.
How To Record And Edit In Sound Forge.
FL-Studio | Midi And Wave.
Ghana and Oil | ghanachild.com
Files Synchronization Tools
Download free software
All About Ghanachild
How to pay back your old school | The Plan.
Advertise on ghanachild.com
Find A Niche You're Passionate About.
Capture Leads and Building Potential List.
Using Autoresponders | Auto Follow Up.
Sponsor Ads | Attention Pays.
Free, Simple, And Effective Business Self Check
Tutorials/ 1 page
Basic Scripting Languages Sitemap.
.HTACCESS/ 7 pages
Introduction To HTACCESS.
301 Redirect Request.
Create Error 404 Page For Your Site.
HTTP Error Codes And Responses.
Password Protect Directory
Disable Directory Browsing
Denying or Allowing IP addresses.
Javascript/ 6 pages
Intro To JavaScript| Beginners Guide.
JavaScript Basics | Operators.
Arithmetic Operators.
Assignment Operators.
Comparison Operators.
Logical Operators.
PHP/ 12 pages
PHP Redirection | Shorten URLs.
MySql And PHP | Magic Love.
Introduction To PHP | Basic.
Basic PHP Syntax.
Embedding PHP into HTML And Return | Basic.
Echo and Print Statements | Basic.
Variables | PHP Basics
Adding Comments Into PHP Script | Basic.
Create The First PHP Script | Basic
While Loop | PHP Basics.
Create And Process HTML Web Form Using PHP | Basic.
Adding Captcha To PHP Form | Basic.
Sony/ 1 page
Sony Creative Software | Tutorials Sitmap.
Acid Pro/ 1 page
Acid Pro 7.0 Tutorial | Beginners Guide.
DVD Architect/ 1 page
DVD Architect Pro | Beginners Guide.
Soundforge Pro/ 2 pages
Sound Forge Audio Studio | Beginners Guide.
Sound Forge Pro | Beginners Guide.
Vegas Pro/ 1 page
Vegas Pro Video And Audio Editor.
Video Tutorials/ 1 page
Current video Tutorials.
Web Tutorials/ 1 page
Web Tutorials | Sitemap
Creating A Webpage/ 6 pages
All About WebSite Pages | Sitemap.
Browser Compatibility | Cross Browser Testing Solution
Uploading Site Pages To Host Server.
Learn How To Validate Your Site Pages.
Create Site Folder Structure.
Creating your first web page.
Learn CSS/ 8 pages
Introduction To CSS
Learn The CSS Basic Rules.
Learn CSS Declaration.
Types Of CSS Selectors And Their Usage.
Grouping Of CSS Selectors And Declarations.
CSS Pseudo Format Class | Beginners Guide.
Creating Comments In CSS.
CSS | Internal, External, Inline.
CSS3/ 1 page
CSS3 | @font-face
CSS Examples/ 5 pages
CSS Examples SiteMap
CSS background-image property
CSS color property.
CSS Pseudo-Classes.
CSS List Style Types.
CSS References/ 1 page
Get Quick CSS Reference.
Domain And Web Hosting/ 7 pages
What is a Domain Name?
How To Choose A Reliable Web Hosting.
Free vs. Paid Web Hosting.
Intro to Domain And Web Hosting
Choose Simple, Short, And Unique Domain Names
Find And Set Your Preferred Domain Name
Reserve/ Register A Domain Name
Getting Started/ 7 pages
Intro To Web Developing | Tools and more.
Scripting Editors | Free and trial downloads
Color Tutorial | Color Generating Tools.
Free Graphic Editors.
Free Sound Editors And converters.
Free Video Editors And Converters.
Free Standalone and addIn FTP
Learn HTML/ 6 pages
Introduction To HTML
Doctype Declaration (DTD)
HTML Basic Syntax
HTML head Tag Content.
HTML Elements And Attributes.
DIV And Table Elements
HTML Examples/ 11 page
HTML Examples | Sitemap
HTML Base Tag Usage.
HTML Anchors, IDs, and Hyperlinks
HTML Basic Tree Structure
HTML body Color Attributes.
HTML body background Image
HTML List Elements and Attributes
Learn How To Create An E-mail Hyperlink.
Learn How To Use HTML Form Tags.
Learn How To Create Comment In HTML
Using The HTML Address Tag.
HTML References/ 1 page
HTML, XHTML, And HTML5 References.


Man will give you worldly powers, and make you feel on top of all, note this is temporally and could be redrawn at anytime sending you back to the ground floor of life. However, the Lord Almighty, the one and the only rightful ruler of the Universe, blesses everlastingly.


Knowledge is Power, but Power is not Knowledge. Wisdom is the truthful Power that identifies the Knowledge within the man. And only, I repeat 3x. Only the almighty God has the power to bless the man with his Wisdom forever.

To achieve the Lord's blessings, cease not praying daily, asking for his Wisdom, and you'll be blessed abundantly...


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