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Yes!, I seriously recommend you first learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS before starting website creation.

Let's assume you understands the basics of both CSS and HTML markup language now.

However, creativity is stretching your thinking, and making it hard to get started.

Don't hesitate to use one of the templates  listed below for the start. Please read their Licensing agreements, to avoid infringements.

Hey, I've experienced this situation some time ago. I've been through it and quite understands how it feels like.

And this is known as "The beginning of everything is rocky hard". But with the time one gets it easier.



www.oswd.org Download free web design templates, share yours, and make the internet a brighter place to live.
www.freewebsitetemplates.com Gosh! This is written BIG. Here's where you can get all web templates from Builders to eShop Templates, and all for FREE.
www.openwebdesign.org And, this is their statement. Open Web Design is a community of designers and site owners sharing free web design templates.
www.freewebtemplates.com Here, you can find some real cool web templates for free, and some premium ones for sale, as low as 4$. Truly outstanding.
www.steves-templates.com Steve says, Steves-Templates.com offers free website templates and professional premium web templates. Check it out!
www.templatesbox.com This site provide free, and premium web templates. And also flash templates for building a successful web business.
www.zymic.com Zymic offers free web hosting, with a level of professional web templates most paid web hosting company could not offer, along with a full range of free hosting features. Just give 'em a try.
www.elated.com/pagekits Pagekits offers free web templates in zip format consisting of HTML files, graphics, and Photoshop PSD.
www.webpagedesign.com Download high quality free web templates in HTML, CSS, and PSD formats.
www.webdesignhelper.co.uk Checkout web design helper's free web templates in a class, I bet you can't download only one, you will prefer getting 'em all.
www.templatemonster.com The Template Monster, presents free and premium web templates ranging from HTML to Wordpress themes, plus Facebook Reveal Themes, Flash website templates, Joomla, Dupral, Silverlight[CMS] and many more...***
www.freetemplatesonline.com FreeTemplatesOnline.Com, as its name says, you can download powerful web templates for FREE, edit to suit your desire and boom all for you. However, its premium templates are worth their prices too.
www.interspire.com You can also try the 15 days free Interspire BigCommerce, if you are thinking of creating a professional eShop.
www.freephotoshoptemplates.com Well, this Photoshop free web templates site is for those who feel comfortable designing with adobe Photoshop PSD files.
www.free-css.com This is for my good friends out there, CSS web Templates for FREE? I personally can't wait to download 'em all. Cool Thang.
www.sourcecodeonline.com This site contains all sorts of source codes ranging from ASP to XML, give 'em a try.
www.templatesfreeflash.com Templatesfreeflash.com allows you to use, modify, or change their templates in any way that you need. However, doesn't allow the copyright to be removed changed or modified in any way.


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