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Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is a very hot topic in the web industry these days. Everyone who owns a website or a blog surely knows about it. However, does everyone knows how to do it? The answer is totally NO!

Now, if you're a clueless newbie, who don't know how to get started, then waste no time, grasp the following SEO tips and tricks quickly and start making use of it, easily for free.

Tips Before The Start Of SEO.

SEO Magnifying Tool

It's very essential for every webmaster to at least have a home knowledge about Search Engine Optimization [SEO].

If you're in any way owning a website or a blog or planing to get one or both. Then your next thoughts should be SEO "Know-how".

You may decide to outsource an SEO Agent, who'll take care of that for you.
Bravo, it's a wise decision. However, there's a huge risk going for such a decision without knowing the basics of SEO.

Talking about the risk here is not a condemnation of SEO agents out there.

Surely, there are also some very good ones one can rely on.
In Anyway, before you'll choose to outsource one, you must seriously crosscheck for the right choice, therefore you need to get a bit understanding 'bout SEO first.

SEO image

Avoid SEO Fake Tricks, And Learn The Basics.

There are many who call themselves SEO Gurus. Thinking they're good enough to manipulate Search Engines, using some kind of fake tricks to get ranked top in organic results of Search Engines.

If you follow them your site is going to get penalized by Search Engines, and that's it. You'll be thrown out.

Watch out, these so called SEO Gurus can't get you that far enough. They are on the other hand very greedy, and always want everything for themselves alone. However, forgetting the Wiseman's sayings. Consequently, "Who wants all loses all".

Such SEO Gurus are also very expensive to hire. Especially for a newbie who wants to make some money online. Even if you're a rich person and eagerly want to invest in business. You'll still have to watch out carefully before getting duped.

Learn SEO For Self Reliance.

Well, you may take my advice and learn how to do SEO yourself, for self reliance. Use Google's SEO Starter Guide, acquiring your free SEO training today.

Acquire the knowledge on how to optimize and monitor your website in the future for free, it's easy.

This will enable you stay far from the risk of getting blacklisted. And totally, get thrown out of Search Engines' indexes.

However, if you'll afterwards need to outsource an SEO Agent, you can do so.
At least, you'll be capable of monitoring whatever, will be done for you. Then, you've acquired the basic knowledge of SEO.

Learn to use the tools and tips on the Google's Webmaster Central, and get In-depth, about Search Engine Optimization [SEO].

Why Doing SEO?

Everyone wants their websites, and or blogs to appear organically, among the top ten, on the front page of every Search Engine. So search users, will find them easily, instead of them going to search for users.

If this's not the case, who will ever disturb him or herself doing SEO?

Your Site Gets Better, And Google Gets Best.

Whatever your website or blog is all about, Google's here to help you get it better. So Google search gets the best.

Google wants to see you also on the first page in their search index. So Google search will get the best.
And users can easily find you when they send a query for your specified keywords.

Remember, if your site gets good results, Google gets better results. And Google search gets the best.

If you earn enough money, Google earns more money. However, there's no one who can promise you the number one on the first page of any search engine. Not even Google, Yahoo nor Bing.

It Takes Only Hard-Working Getting To The #1.

My dear friends, here's no magic about getting ranked on top of any search engine. It takes only hard-working and time to get ranked to the top.

Trust me, it's because of you and your business why search engines exists. This way, the World can find you, and your business will move on. Start doing SEO with Google top tips now.

Visit the Google's Webmaster Central Blog for more and current news on how the Googlebot crawls and indexes sites.

Furthermore, visit the Google webmasters' Discussion Forum. Acquire more information on how to optimize your site effectively and getting listed in the organic search results.

And at last, use the Google Publisher tools effectively. There is a whole lot of goodies you'll love to apply onto your site.

How Google Search Engine Works.

Organic vs. Paid Results.

There are two ways Google Search Engine works. And these are as follows.

  1. Whenever a user queries google search for a specific keyword, the search returns Organic Results. And this will show in the main frame.
  2. At the same time, the Paid Advertising Results will also appear in the right frame. With a heading, Sponsor Ads. Depending on the keyword queried for.

On the left side are the navigation links showing, Everything, Anytime, and all results.

Check illustration below.

google's search results illustration

Get Your Site Visibly To Search Engines And Get Traffic.

Since Google Search is the World's leading search engine. If your website gets ranked organically in Google search results. It's possible that, it also gets ranked in other search engines, automatically. However, it will be very sensible to go in for the assurance than guessing the easiest way.

My advice for everyone is; Use the down listed keyword tools. Find the right keywords before starting to create your web pages. And then keenly read my articles about how to Promote your website the right way, and how to Create Free Traffic To Your Sites.

This is the only, and fastest way you can create a website that will get listed in most popular Search Engines Easily.

Get The Necessary Guidelines Creating And Optimizing Your Site.

Get startup tips about how to create user and search engine friendly website.

This will help search robots easily crawl, and index your pages into Google's databank. Your pages will then get their ranking into search results from there.

However, you'll need to accomplish the following criteria to the best that you can.

  1. First of all, it's ideal to find your keywords before starting to create your site pages.
  2. Make sure to use your keywords wisely and correspondingly in your articles.
  3. Use heading tags appropriately [<h1>, <h2>, <h3>].
  4. Use Description <meta> tag to describe the content of each page, specifically.
  5. Use keyword <meta> tag to tell Search Robots the page's keywords contained here.
  6. Use descriptive and accurate page <title> that will describe your individual pages wisely.
  7. Use simple and accurate URLs that users will easily remember.
  8. Build easy for users to navigate website. Links must easily bring users direct to their respective pages. Without passing through a wide range of a jungle to get to where they want to.
  9. Make sure to provide quality services, use simple for users to understand phrases, and create unique and original contents.
  10. Optimize the uses of images, audios, and videos to fasten up the loading of your pages. And make sure to use the <alt="description"> attribute for your images always.
FastLane Tip#1.

Mobile Friendly Site Test Page| Google Developer.

We are now living in the era which mobile devices are mostly used to browsed the web more than desktop PCs and Laptops. It's therefore very essential to test your site for mobile friendliness and do your fixing homework if any, so you can reach out to your mobile users without errors.

Read the Google Webmaster GuideLines. for more information.

List Of Free Keyword Ideas' Tools You Can Rely On.

Learn how to find, select the right keywords, and drive traffic to your website without spending a cent.

Both free and paid keyword tools could be easily found on the internet these days. However, The followings are the ones I use and recommend.

  1. The Google's Adwords Keyword ideas' Tool is totally Free and Effective. Unless you'll like to use the paid advertising on Goolge, you'll not be charged. You may Sign-In with your Google account. However, It's not necessary to sing-In before using this tool.
  2. The SEO Book's Keyword Suggestion Tool is for free, other paid Features are also Seven days free. However, you'll need to register for a free account and sign-In first to enable you use the Keyword Suggestion Tool.
  3. Use WordTracker to Find-The-Best-Keywords, Seven days free. You'll need to register for a free account so as to be able to use the free version.
  4. The SpyFu tool is unbeatable, use this to download Competitors Keywords and Adwords for free. As its name says, you can also spy on their activities and out-rule them easily. You won't need to sign-In, and it's a great tool for Affiliate Marketers.
  5. The Trellian Keyword Discovery Tool is a tool you can use to find Keyword ideas the easiest way. The Free version is limited to 100 keywords display at a time.

There's no guarantee for a 100% relevancy of suggestions made by any tool listed here. However, they work out powerfully in their standards. And could be used to find relevant keywords you just might not be thinking of.

Watch the video below, and get an In-depth tips & tricks on using the Google Webmaster tools. Enjoy 'em.

Google Webmaster Tools Usage For SEO Effectiveness.


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