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JavaScript Basics | Operators.

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Operators And Their Functions.

Operators are used to perform operations on text and numeric values in scripts.

See Table Below.

Operators Explaining Arithmetic Operators Usage
+ Addition Operator is used to perform additions on numeric data, and also used to put Strings together forming a statement. (Concatenation) x + y
- Subtraction operator x - 4
/ Divition Operator x / y
* Multiplication Operator x * y
% The modulus is used, finding the remainder of an equation. And whenever an equation results is rounded will it = 0. x % y
+ + This causes an increment by one. x + +
- - This causes a decrement by one. x - -
Operators Explaining Assignment Operators Usage
= This swaps the value on its right into the operand on its left. x = 1
+ = This goes like so; x equals x + y [x=x+y] x + = y
- = This goes like so; x equals x - y [x=x-y] x - = y
* = This goes like so; x equals x * y [x=x*y] x * = y
/ = This goes like so; x equals x / y [x=x/y] x / = y
% = This finds the remainder in x % y [x=x%y] x % = y
Operator Explaining Comparison Operators Usage
= = Is equal to x = = y
= = = Is exactly equal to type and value x = = = y
! = Is not equal to x ! = y
< Is less than x < y
> Is greater than x > y
< = Is less than or equal to x < = y
>= Is greater than or equal to x > = y
Operators Explaining Logic Operators
! This sign means "not" - Placing the sign in front of a value will bring it to a not or null. [Meaning value is empty]
|| This is an "Or" - It's used to add more comparisons in one evaluation statement, where only one must meet.
&& This is an "And" - It's used to add more comparisons in one evaluation statement, where all must meet.
? Ternary is used, performing simple evaluations, and returning results. This operator, works with three operands. [condition ? value if true; value if false;]

JS Operators.


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