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Users' Skepticisms Cause By Longer URLs Affect Traffic And Sales.

Some users become very skeptic, when they move their mouse over a link, and it shows something unimpressionable, as browsers reveal links' URL before a user will click on it. They'll simply ignore it and move forward.

In this case, sales potential will reduce, using a longer and suspicious link in promotions. However, due to the information needed by Affiliate providers, to enable 'em know where a recommendation is coming from. They are forced to provide their affiliates with longer URLs, which sometimesl contain an Affiliate ID and so on.

This is whereby the php redirection function needs to come in action. It will enable you shorten the URL to a friendly one.

Create Shortened URLs Using PHP Redirection.

To shorten a URL, you can simply copy your longer Affiliate link, and replace the xxx inside the .php script below with it.

Save it under your choice of a friendly name .php, upload it to your server. And the next step will be, instead of using your Affiliate link directly on your site. You'll in the future link to the .php file. And this will redirect users to the offer site easily.

See the illustration below.

Before: Copy PHP script into notepad:

header( 'Location: xxx?');

After: Replace xxx with your longer link, it should look somehow like this or longer:

header( 'Location: https://sell.com/checkout.php?PD=1&;QTY=1&;AFFILIATE=1?');


Make sure nothing is placed before the code, else it won't work. The .php file should contain only the code with your longer link as explained above.

Replace only the xxx, and avoid changing anything else.

This PHP redirecting script can be used for any URL without exception. However, your file must be uploaded onto a server supporting PHP scripts. Ask your provider if their server support PHP and it's activated, then you'll enjoy using it!

Get The Original PHP Redirecting Script Again.

Note: Again, this's how the original redirecting script looks like. You'll just replace [xxx] with your Affiliate link [Longer link].

See the original script below.

header( 'Location: xxx?');

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There are tons of URL shortener on the net these day, however most of them aren't user trusty. You may use the Google URL Shortener, it's a very cool tool and user friendly, it even allows you to track, clicks and referrers of any shortened URL.

For further information on PHP, you may visit https://php.net to learn more.

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Easy Redirection In PHP.


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