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Privacy Policy.

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Privacy Policy.

User Information Privacy.

Ghanachild.com may collect some user information for its lists of newsletters subscribers, offers, and other future services.

Privacy Protected

We will in no way share, rent, or sell these information without the permission of their owners.

We will maintain, and protect our users' information to the best we can.

Subscribing to Ghanachild.com newsletters may allow advertisers or partners, adding messages into those newsletters. However, we'll never permit access to any personal information of our subscribers.

Newsletters will always come directly from Ghanachild.com. And, users' always have the highest priority to unsubscribe at anytime. And requests will be treated with respect, and on time.

Tracking on Ghanachild.com

Ghanachild.com will use cookies, pixel trackers, server logs, and any Internet technology in order to measure the effectiveness of its service, and any advertising campaigns as well as to target meaningful content, and ads to its users. [This helps us improving our services].

Third-Parties Tracking.

Ghanacild.com will use DoubleClick, Google, and other third-party Ad Servers to serve and display Advertisements.

It does not provide personally perceptible information to Ad Servers. These Ad Servers and Advertisers may use cookies, pixel trackers, or other internet technology to improve the effectiveness and targeting of Advertisements to users within Ghanachild.com, and any other place where that third-party will be serving Advertisements in our name.

Ghanachild.com does not have access to, nor control over, advertisers' or ad service providers' cookies or how they may be used or collected. In many cases, this information could be used to show you ads based on your interests from other Websites.

Affiliate Programs.

Ghanachild.com serves affiliate links on this website. Details users will enter onto the offer site is uncontrollable by Ghanachild.com. However, Ghanachild.com makes sure to provide affiliate links it can trust, to its users. For more details read our disclosure/disclaimer.

Ghanachild.com | Privacy Policy | Last Updated 20.March.2015