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HTML <body> Background Image.

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The <body> background attribute is used to place an image behind the <body> element in an HTML document. In the examples below, we've detailed the HTML <body> background attribute, bgproperties, and its values the easiest way for everyone to understand.

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<body> Background Image Basic.

<body background="URL">


The "URL" is where you'll place the pointing address to the required image file you'll like to use.

Relative URL.

Relatively, you can point to an image file within a website like this: See illustration below.

<body background="/images/bgimage.jpg">


Absolute URL.

Absolutely, you can point to an image file on a different domain somewhere on the internet.

See illustration below.

<body background="https://www.anothersite.com/images/bgimage.jpg">


<body>Background "no-repeat" And "fixed" Inline CSS.

<body style="background-repeat:no-repeat">

<body style="background-attachment:fixed">

  1. At default, background image will repeat itself if smaller than the browser window, to fill the rest space. Adding an inline CSS, style="background-repeat:no-repeat" in the body tag line as indicated above, will supress it.

  2. The inline CSS style="background-attachment:fixed" as indicated in the example above if used, will glue the background image to sit still. It will cease it moving up and down when scrolling the page's content.

Deprecation Note.

Since the release of HTML 4.01 / XHTML 1.0, most HTML attributes are deprecated, and has lost their support in some DOCTYPEs DTD. Some deprecated attributes are still supported in all major browser. However, using CSS will enable you achieve the required effect, and full support in HTML 4.01 Strict / XHTML 1.0 Strict DTD and also in HTML5.

FastLane Tip#2

We seriously recommend using the CSS background-image properties. for best results, regardless which HTML version you'll intend to or writing.

HTML Background Image Properties


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