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Yes, the truth here is that, ghanachild.com is here to teach beginners how to create and own a website or a blog. Furthermore, how they can make it generate some funds through Adsense [AdChoices] And Affiliate Marketing.

Firstly, tell me, what you would think, if I say to you, that I'm not making money with this website at all?

Secondly, how would it sound, teaching you what I personally don't do or practise?

Anyway, ghanachild.com makes money with Affiliate Marketing, and Google Adsense. Therefore, this website contains links that will direct users to third party websites. For example, to Affiliate websites like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Avangate, Ads provided by Google and more.

You won't have to be afraid, clicking on such links to see what's behind 'em. Plus, you're not obliged to buy any product offered if you don't intend to.

Adsense is a program I intensively use on ghanachild.com to generate some income. I Simply, allow Google to advertise other websites' ads on this website through Adsense, and Google pays me. These ads always have related articles corresponding to what are on the pages they're placed on. Google's technology takes care of that.

Affiliate Marketing is, on the other hand, a bit different from the former. This time I seriously have to be very sure of what I'll promote on ghanachild.com, so I'll not send my hard earned users to any product that unworthy.

Sometimes, before starting to promote a product. I even buy and test it first, to make sure of what I'm going to promote.

My dear friend, this's the deal, and this's what I'm trying to let you know how it works, so you can also make some money using your Website or Blog. Furthermore, teaching you is a challenge that lets me learn a lot. I gain unbeatable experiences I use in doing what I do.

Now, Judge me if I'm an egocentrically idiot, or join me and let's do this, while teaching others too.


As stated above, as an Affiliate Marketer, I use links on ghanachild.com which directs users to third-party websites.

However, when you visit a page on this website that has Google's Ads placed on, and you click on to view Ad.

Google may set a DoubleClick cookie on your browser, that will gather information about your browser's interaction with that given ad.

Google's uses of the DoubleClick cookie, enables its service of Ads to users. Depending on their visit to sites that has Google's Ads placed on. The information gathered by Google's DoubleClick cookie will be recorded in a log that looks like the one below.

        time: 16/May/2011 00:01:51
        ad_placement_id: 351
        ad_id: 2000
        userid: 0000000000001005
        referral_url: "https://ghanachild.com/ads.php

Information will be used by Google in the sense of maintaining the ability of serving more relevant Ads. This may be of interest to users in the future.

Google will not gather or use information like your Name, Address, Email address, or Telephone number. [As Stated in their Private Policy].

Trusting is OK. However, Tracking and Checking are very Important aspects, that brings Assurance inside.

So it's in any way very necessary to protect your privacy, and to maintain your rights. Read more information about this issue and take advantage of your options. You may decide on having your information used by any company or cease them.

To permanently opt-out of Google's uses of the DoubleClick cookie on your browser, simply visit the Google Ads Setting Center, download the advertising cookie Opt-Out PlugIn and follow further instructions provided. You may Opt-In again at any time, and customize ads preferences to your taste, Read further information for additional options.

Other websites ghanachild.com are Affiliated to, may also contain cookies we may not known about. To Opt-Out from them at ease, simply go to the NAI Member Ad Networks Opt-Out site and follow the instruction provided there.

You may also decide to disable cookie acceptances in your browser or delete them regularly. To avoid cookies gathering your browser information in the future. Check your browser settings.

This option might slow down the loading time of web pages, because your browser will have to re-download every page at every time completely new, like it has never seen the page before.

Read more on the new way cookies are being used today and feel at ease. The option is guaranteed yours.

For the safety of all, please read the Privacy Policy of any website you'll like to interpolate with before taking any step.

Be aware that ghanachild.com will not be held responsible for any action that will be taking by any company or website it's Affiliated to.

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