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Intro To HTML.

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Surely, there are many tools, options, and ways one can choose to start creating a website. However, combination of tools and methods provides much strength and accomplishment in the modern website creation without limitation.

This time I'd like to introduce to you the world's number one website creation language, HTML.

Why You Need To Learn HTML.

There are so many ways to create a website these days.

Anyway, you'll choose to use, it's very essential to learn the basics of HTML in the case of troubleshooting, and this is exactly what I'm about to show you right away.

Note: HTML is the website creator [The web's most basic], and CSS is its designer, so at first, we are going to deal with HTML here in full.

Well, there might be a bit of talk 'bout CSS to qualify some situations. However, you can start learning CSS right away from here if you intend to do so now.

You may download, Free Website Templates and edit it to suit your desire website.

Once more, I repeat, it's very necessary to learn the HTML and CSS basics. They'll help you from getting crippled on the way of developing your website.

What Is HTML?

HTML meaning, Hyper Text Markup Language is a language for designing web pages with markup tags, this is why it's a Markup language, not mistaken it for a programming language.

Markup tags commonly known as HTML tags are keywords encircled with angle brackets which normally comes in pairs, and also known as the opening and closing tags like <h1>ABC</h1>.

Before we go ahead, I'd like you to go back to the start page and take a keen look at the illustration that reads, "Basic HTML Web Page"

Copy the code and paste it into a NOTEPAD sheet, save it as index.html, preview it in a browser and watch what will happen, when you're done come back again here to continue.

I assume you've seen the "Basic HTML Web Page" illustration on the home-page, and has tried the script.

The steps you went through, are exactly how to create, save, and publish a static web page.

First you'll write your code and save it as a xxx.html, preview it in your choice of a browser, and if it's OK for you, you got it, if not, you'll go back and edit it in NOTEPAD save it again and that's it.

We are now going to get real busy with HTML from here. Follow up on the next page.

Introduction To HTML Video.


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