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Intro To Web Developing Tools.

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Here's where you're going to get the tools you'll need, and the real start-up into learning HTML, CSS, PHP, FTP, Graphics, Video Editing, Color Generating, Sound Editing and more.

There are many tools you'll surely need to accomplish such tasks, some are very expensive. Alternatively, there are also very good tools on the internet you can use for 100% free. These tools are created by some kind-hearted programmers, who are trying to make the web a better place for all. God bless them.

Tools A Web Developer Will Surely Need.

  1. Script Editor- for writing- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and so on -Codes-
  2. Color Generating Tool- For generating the right colors for your Projects -Kuler-
  3. Graphic Editor- for editing images and creating animations -Images-
  4. Sound Editor And Converter- for editing sounds, creating .mp3 files -Audio-
  5. Video Editor And Converter- for editing and converting video files -Video-
  6. FTP Tool- for transferring files from your local computer to your Web Server-FTP-

Script Editor.

It's very important to learn at least CSS and HTML before you can start creating your web pages.

Now, to start learning how to write your codes, you'll need a Script Editor, and I recommend, you start with the NOTEPAD that came with your windows operating system.

If the NOTEPAD is not enough, and you like to use a WYSIWYG Editor like Adobe Dreamweaver, you can go ahead and do so. In the case you can't afford buying it, fret not.

I've managed to put together some useful free WYSIWYG and Source code Editors for your download. Read More and start dowloading now.

Color Generating Tool.

To create a website, you'll need to know the exact colors that will fit in your project, this has been a problem webmasters has been confronting with since ages. Lately, Adobe has created a platform called KULER which everyone can freely use generating desired colors for their websites, and it's 100% free. Read More and start using KULER now.

Graphic Editor.

As we all knows, Adobe products are unbeatable in the web creation and designing world. When it comes to creating graphics, Photoshop and Illustrator are the two graphic editors most webmasters usually turns to. However, they are very expensive for a beginner to start with.

As I said earlier, there are truly, some great programmers out there who kind-heartedly, and with hardworking trying to make the web a better place, and free for all. Looking for free graphics editor for your project? Read More and start downloading now.

Sound Editors And Converters.

This part of the tutorial will show you how to find free Sound Editors and Converters you can use to Record, Edit and Convert your sounds into your desire formats.

Let's say you want to Edit and Convert your Recorded xxx.wav files to xxx.mp3 or another format, our selected free Sound Editors and Converters will surely help you fulfill your wish to the maximum. Read More and start downloading now.

Video Editors And Converters.

If you want to Edit and, or Convert a video to be uploaded onto your website, Youtube, Vimeo, or any other video site, then follow up to our selected free Video Editors, and Converters site to select your choice of a free video Editor and or Converter, download and install for absolutely free usage. Read More and start downloading now.

FTP Tool.

After creating your site pages you'll need an FTP Tool to upload your files onto your web server.

I've searched the web and putting up a collection of FTPs Tools you can download and use for free Read More and start downloading now.

Browser Add-Ons

After all these there are a bunch of add-ons you can install into your testing browsers for goals like SEO, Fast Loading, Anylatics, Debugging, and many more. Watch video below for more tips

FireFox Add-Ons SEO Doctor.


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