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Free vs. Paid Web Hosting.

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There are two major ways to get a website online, eitrher through a;

  • Paid Web Hosting.
    A paid web hosting is when you are paying for the server your domain is sitting on. Your domain will be reading like; www.yourdomainname.com
  • Free Web Hosting.
    A free web hosting is when you are not paying for the server your domain is sitting on. Your domain will be reading like; www.yourdomainname.anotherdomainname.com

In this tutorial we are going to show you their differences. However the choice is yours, to choose which one will perform better for your business at the most.

Get Hinted About The Benefit Of A Paid Web Hosting.

My dear friend, in the first instance, if you want to create a website that will make you money. Then I'll advise you better go in for a paid web hosting.

Secondly, a paid web hosting will give you better security, and services. Plus, a higher reliability than the free hosting. A paid hosting provider can't afford losing your data, because you can sue them. There are big competitions out there and this make paid hosting providers works harder to maintain their customers. They helps you to make more revenue so you'll stay and pay hosting fees.

Beware Of The Risks Involves In, Free Web Hosting.

Free web hosting, usually comes along with ristrictions, and some risks. The typical risk about most of them is, closing down their services without notifying their clients on time. This habitually makes them untrustworthy to serious webmasters. Plus, it can cause you losing all your site data easily.

I personally can afford less, risking that much, and wearing restrictions. In a nutshell, you may positively take my advice and PAY for what will bring you gain. Trust me, they're less expensive, brings much profit, and will securely protect your data with high assurance.

Else, if you just need a server to host a non commercial website that will not require much freedom, and security, then you can try some good ones like, Geocities, Think or Tripod.

Our Recommended Web Hosting.

There is a ton of hosting providers on the internet to choose from. Finding the right host is always a great task you'll need to perform. For details on this topic, read my article about finding a reliable web hosting, before your hot pick.

However, the first hosting provider I'll recommend for all is, Godaddy.com.

Simply, because ghanachild.com is hosted on Godaddy. And our whole team is at most satisfied with Godaddy's services, especially, its hotline and support. Godaddy has different sizes of hosting accounts tailored to suit whatever you'll want to do online. You may try them yourself to witness the truth.

You may also try Lunapages.com they've got good prices and nice services too.

Review in google or any search engine of your choice to crosscheck their customer recommendations.

Another option you may try is 1&1.com, visit their website to see what they have in store for you. [Optional for those living in Europe expecially in Germany]

Please find out their current offers, there might be some amendments for Better prices and services.

FastLane Tip #1

Back up your site data always, no matter with whom you'll host out there, being it for free or a paid web hosting. This is the only way you'll feel a hundred percent secured.

Lunarpages.com Web Hosting

Free vs. Paid Web Hosting Video Tutorial.


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