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Create Simple Site Folder Structure.

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Creating your website files and folders the right way is an essential SEO method that helps search engine crawlers crawl your site pages easily. Understand that, the more you make things easy for search engines crawlers, the more your pages will get indexed quickly and the better will they be ranked accordingly.

In this tutorial you'll learn how to create and place website files and folders the right and simple way.

Website Folder Structure

Tools And Templates.

The first tool you'll need is the NOTPAD or anyother text editor, and a bit of HTML and CSS knowledge. If you choose to use a WYSIWYG editor, you can download Kompozer here for free.

You'll first create an HTML and CSS layout, which you can use in your project as your template, or download free template here.

However you'll decide, I still seriously recommend you start learning the basics of HTML and CSS before getting started.

Site Root Folder.

You'll first create a root folder [MyHompage] on your local Computer.

Out of your template, create an index.html file with your Editor [NOTPAD] and save it into your root folder [MyHompage]. The index.html file you'll place into your root folder is the main page that will be displayed when users access your website.

Folders And Contents.

Create folders like, pages, images, scripts, audio, and videos, and place them all inside the root folder.

The other HTML files [pages] you'll create will be saved inside the pages' folder. You may create folders inside your pages' folder to split the HTML files you'll create accordingly.

The rest folders will also contain their respective files. Audio files will have to go into the AUDIO folder. Images will also go into the IMAGES folder, and so on.

Website And Links.

Website creation depends mainly on links, from pages to pages, articles to articles inside and outside a website.

It gets fruitful, Furthermore, getting reputations while other websites linking to your site and Articles. Read our article on site promotion.

Everything in your document could be linked to one and another, in some way. Learn more about links here.

Creating Folder Structure.


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