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CSS Anchor Pseudo-Classes.

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This time you'll learn how to style hyperlinks using the CSS Pseudo-Classes. And stay away from the deprecated HTML links styling. Anyhow, the CSS links styling will brings more freedom and strength in your works, and it's highly recommended by W3C.

CSS Anchor Pseudo-Class [For Hyperlink].

The pseudo class [a] for hyperlink MUST strictly be placed in the following steps in the CSS declaration, as indicated below for a proper, and effectiveness of the way links will be styled and work in your documents.

The reason for this is a simple logical understanding, look here. If a link is not created it can't be visited, get hovered, nor be activated, therefore.

  • The a:link MUST come first notifying, the this is a hyperlink. This should use a color different from the standard site's font color, or underlined, for it to stand out from the rest.
  • Followed by the a:visited. that say, this link has been visited. Usually uses a faded version of the color used for the a:link.
  • And as a hyperlink can only get hovered before getting activated, so must a:hover follow. with any color that differentiates itself from the others that says, click on me I'm a hyperlink.
  • And then a:active will come at last, also with a different color to remember. Saying, you've clicked on me, if you release the mouse I'll be executed, so decide now.

I hope this makes sense, if not don't get worried you just follow up as said, and your links will work perfectly.

See illustration below.

	a:link {color:red;} 
/*unvisited link -no action*/

	a:visited {color:blue;} 
/*visited link -clicked and released*/

	a:hover {color:gold} 
/*mouseover link -mouseover without click*/

	a:active {color:green;} 
/*activated link* -click and hold*/

Hello World, this is how pseudo-class work with 
<a href="https://ghanachild.com">hyperlinks</a>

FastLane Tip#1.

You may copy the script above, paste it into Notepad, save it as try.html, and preview it in your choice of a browser to see how it will work. Try changing the color values in the CSS to see how the hyperlink changes its colors along with. You may use HEX like #012abc.

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CSS Anchor Pseudo-Classes


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