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Promotion is the key strategy to any successful business. Imaging you are selling something no one knows about, how are you going to make sales?

Firstly, selling is nothing than a trade of exchange. Now no one knows about you, so how are you going to perform this exchange?

The only way to let this work is to let the world know about you and what you are about. Then business will go on, no matter how.

In this tutorial we'll sort out some free, and simple methods, to promote your website or business the right way.

Note: Business will only get very successful when you promote the right thing, the right way.

Now, go get your right stuff first, and when promotions starts going on the right way, as you'll soon start learning. Things will get much better than you can imagine earning.

Making Your Website Pages Visible To Search Engine Robots.

At first, use the <meta name="description"> tag to summarize the content of your site pages individually. [Use between 9 and 17 words, including keywords on every page].

Secondly, use the <meta name="keywords"> tag to insert keywords that describe your business. [Separate keywords with commas, and shouldn't exceed 3 words at a time].

Most of all, every page's <title> must be seriously corresponding to contents within them, and optimized to description and keywords.

Now, since search engines treat every web page as a complete website. It's advisable to repeat your selected keywords in corresponding articles strategically. Doing so will help search engines, algorithmically rank your pages to the top of user search results [organically].

Note: Your website's homepage is the main page that will contain most links to all pages. And should also contain at least a top keyword from all the essential pages in your website, and this must be done very wisely.

The URL Of Your Website Must Be Seen Everywhere.

Make sure your Website address [URL - Domain Name] is placed on whatever you'll touch. Spreading URL is a powerful way of promotion one shouldn't ignore. Tell everyone 'bout it.

Add the URL also inside your e-mail signature input-field. Your e-mail receivers will be alarmed of your website's URL. And chances are, one may click on it, visiting your website.

[ This is a way of receiving Traffic]

All your company's prints should have your URL on them, pesenting what you do and asking people to visit the website for more goodies.

Expecially, Prints like the following:

  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Letterheads
  • Brochures
  • T-shirts
  • etc...

Create Sitemap And Submit Your Site To All Directories.

You may ask, why creating sitemap and submitting a site to all directories? The answer is very simple to understand. Users want to find their search easily, and search engines want to make this possible enough for users to accomplish.

  • Users use search engines when searching for something special on the internet with their improvising keywords.
    • Sitemap makes it easier for a user to browse through a website without digging through a wide range of links, finding what they are looking for.
  • Search engines use crawlers [Search Robots], when searching for websites or blogs to be stored in their databases.
    • Directories and Sitemaps are well categorized. And this makes it easier for search engines' crawlers to find and store websites and blogs in their databases. Plus making it possible for search engines, to be able providing users with the perfect match on search results.

For this reason, if you want your website being very visible to search engines. Then make sure to create your sitemap [HTML and XML] and submit your website to as many directories as you can. Create sitemap now, quick, easy, and free. https://www.xml-sitemaps.com

Regardless what your business is, there are many online directories, that you can register with. Some business and industry associations also allows the listing of other businesses on their Web site. Plus, there are individuals who maintain popular lists of resources you can add your business into. Use search engines to find them.

Ask Friends And Family To Help In Promotion.

Ask your friends and Family members to promote your site as they surf the Web.

They should spread your URL, and encourage their friends to spread it also along the way.

They should talk about what you do and how beneficial your business and services are to its users.

In this case, you must also be sure of doing your works very well to meet the promotions they'll be doing for you, then you will earn a lot.


Blogging is another way you can easily spread information about your company or website.

You can also gather user's feedbacks using your blog because it encourages reader's in positive comments.

You may create a free blog on wordpress.com or install one on your web server using a free software like MediaWiki. Learn more about creating a blog and blogging.


Use podcasts to spread the message about your site and the businesses within.

Podcasts are series of digital media files. It could be audio or video files in a low-quality format. The standard used audio file formats are .Ogg Vorbis and .MP3.

Podcasts can be posted on your personal website or onto Apple’s iTunes.

And users can subscribe to it, and download them for free when available, onto their computers or portable devices like iPods, MP3s, iPads, etc. And listen to the audio or view the video in offline modus.

You can visit www.podcastingnews.com for more information.

There are also other platforms you can upload and share your podcasts. However, Apple's iTunes is the most popular, and which many people uses. So it will be very practical using Apple's iTunes, then you won't need to go round looking for audience to share with.

You'll also need to submit your podcasts into podcast directories, promote it on social networks, blogs, and wherever possible.

The greatest opportunity using podcasts is that. Most people learn easily, and fast by listening to audio or viewing a video.

You don't know, sometimes you maybe even better in speaking than in writing. Plus, it's, on the other hand, useful for the disabled people.


Create a google account, join the plus one community and start using the opportunity of sharing, and promoting your website right away. You may add the Google Google+ Button or the Google Profile Button on your website. Enable visitors recommending your site content on Google Search and sharing it on Google+.

Social Networks.

Use popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and GooglePlus to promote your business effectively. Check also the WiKiPedia list of social networks for alternatives.

Donating To Charity.

Donate to charity, helping in communities popularize and put you in the spotlight. And this will promote your website and businesses within. You mustn't spend money always. However, you must spend enough time in communities' activities, be productive, bringing good ideas and solutions to problems others are facing.

You can also raise funds for the needy using platforms like https://www.justgiving.com or https://www.justgive.org.

Reciprocal Links.

Reciprocal linking is an old fashioned of promotion, and many people thinking it's no more useful. But let me tell you this, it's still the easiest and respected by search engines still, if used the right way.

You may try https://www.linkleads.com, they help businesses by promoting an exchange of hyperlinks. The trade is, allowing someone else inserting links to their products on your website. They will also allow you insert links to your products on their site too.

Notice this, whenever you're using links, regardless on what site. Make sure they're contextual keywords, that fits in the articles added in. Such types of phrases are picked by search engine's crawlers easily. And they gets ranked them better.

Reciprocal Banner Ads.

Reciprocal Banner Ads is also one of the greatest methods you can use promoting your business. This is a banner swap promotion method between two, which must benefit both parties. It must be done very well to attract users. Therefore, there are things you should seriously hold minded about, using banner ads.

  • Be sure to hold control over every website that will be carrying your ads. And the kind of ads they'll be posting in return on your website.
  • Every ad must bring a value that corresponds to the content on the page it's being placed.
  • Ads must always be outstanding, catching the eyes of users for quick clicks.
  • Make sure their colors fit for the website they're being placed on.

You may use https://www.123banners.com. This is a website that helps businesses by promoting free banner advertisement in barters. The deal is very simple. That is, allowing someone else to place their product's ads on your website. And they will also allow you place yours on theirs. It sounds cool eh? Use search engine finding some other sites that offer a kind of deal like this. I'm sure you'll find some more sites.

E-zine [Electronic Magazine].

Write high quality and original articles about your business, products, and services you offer. Explaining things to the understanding of a baby, making your articles easy to read, simple to understand.

Write also e-mail newsletters with related information of interest to your users and submit them all to sites like https://www.goarticles.com and https://www.ezinearticles.com.

This is called an e-zine and will award you with much exposure and credibility. The backlinks within will also bring more traffic to your website.

Make sure to submit your e-zine to directories like https://www.ezine-dir.com.

Create RSS Feeds.

RSS meaning Really Simple Syndication, is a method used to allow the public, access your site's content through other channels. RSS is a XML-based format used to distribute blog's or website's content. Blogs are always including RSS when created, because of their frequently updates.

You can create RSS feeds for your website manually if you are trusted with the use of XML language.

You may alternatively, download a free RSS Builder from https://www.sourceforge.net, which will enable you create one without coding. Either way you'll choose, you'll afterwards need to upload the XML file to your server. And then create a link to it, allowing users to subscribe and read your feeds.

Users may register and use the Google reader to capture their feeds. The Firefox browser has a built-In RSS reader subbed in the bookmark features. And any time your site is updated their readers will be updated automatically for them to be able reading your feeds.

Capture Leads And Create Potential Lists.

Now, your promotions are working alright, and your website is receiving traffic that keeps growing everyday. Your next step will then be, to capture leads and start building lists of potential users who will accept to hear from you. So you can send them information about your new products, services, offers, and whatever they may need to know.

Learn how to capture leads, and start creating potential lists. for newsletters.


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