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Getting free traffic to your site is the most necessary part of website creation. Imagine you open up a shop in your town, and only few people coming in. You'll need to plan on what to do to bring more people inside. Follow the tutorial and learn how to achieve such effect.

Drive Traffic Don't Buy Traffic Now.

In this tutorial you'll learn the easiest way of driving free traffic to your site.

Sometimes you'll need to pay for getting traffic by advertising your site on other websites. You can also pay Google for Adwords getting you on the sponsored ad's side in their search results. They're all good ways of advertising. However, it's always hard to choose such an option when starting new.

Allow me showing you some effective methods. Which will enable you driving free traffic to your site with less sweat.

What Is Web Traffic?

When we talk about traffic, you must be careful misunderstanding it with the car traffic in the street. Traffic is a theme used online for the amount of visitors, who comes visiting your website or blog daily. [Daily traffic rate].

Get To Know The Two Traffic Driving Methods.

There are two way of getting traffic to your blog or website.

  • The Paid Method. [Not recommended for beginners].
    • Using the paid method will save you much time but not troubles. It could be effective for some time and may fail to drive traffic if you fail to pay, or technique get out-dated. Be aware that getting traffic depends not only on promoting your site or product using such an expensive method. However, if you still like to use the paid method, you can check the Google's Adwords program for more information.
  • The Free Method. [Highly recommended for beginners].
    • Freebies are for newbie they say. I personally don't second this saying, because sometimes what you'll get for free, will work better than what you'll have to pay for.
    • And no matter the freedom of what you'll get, you may have to work very hard to achieve that free desire. In this situation, you'll have to spend time instead of money, to achieve this freedom property.
    • It's very wise using the free method, because you'll need to learn how to do things before applying them. Plus, what you'll learn will always stay with you, and you'll be better off than the lazy millionaire. Remember, knowledge is power.

Now, you know the two ways available. The decision is yours to choose which way to follow.

Optimize Your Site Pages First.

No matter what you'll try doing to get traffic. Your website must be very visible to search engine robots, enabling them finding and ranking your site. Then users will find it too.

Learn to create and optimize your site pages first before continuing. This will avoid the invisibility of your site pages to search crawlers.

Article Marketing.

Using the Article marketing method to attract traffic to your site is an effective way of getting free traffic.

You'll simply write articles, well optimized for specific keywords, and submit to a lot of article directories. This could be done manually which will be time consuming for a large website, or per automation, using a special software like the Article Marketing Robot.

Find Profitable Niche Markets & Keywords.

This will enable you submit articles to hundreds of article directories on a fly. Your articles will then be approved automatically, and people reading it will cause it boosting traffic instantly.

Plus, this will boost the backlinks to your site. And increase the reputation of your site in search engines ranking for various phrases.

Writing Guest Posts.

Writing guest posts on other blogs is also a way of multiplying traffic onto your site.

Firstly, you'll need to make research for a blog that operates in your passionate niche and also receiving a lot of traffic.

Secondly, you'll study how the blog is being operated. And find a way of writing a suitable article that will passionately be in the interest of its readers.

When you're ready contact the blog's owner. And offer a deal on writing an article for their blog, in the return for a backlink to your site. Give 'em a short tip on what you have in store, pulling their interest on accepting the deal you'll offer.

Imagine the deal is successful and the blog holding your article catches the interest of its readers. This will easily generate free and instant traffic from that blog to your site. At the same time, it will maintain the relationship between you and your new blogger friends for future articles you'll may write. [Forget not adding your site URL always into your articles]. Be careful and don't do things like a spammer, else you'll lose trust in many potential users.

Social Bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is also a useful way of creating free and targeted traffic to your site.

Social bookmarking site like digg, will allow you submitting articles for other readers to read. And if the article is worth reading to users, they'll also be interested in visiting your website. With the intention of finding similar articles, when the site's URL is available. This as well means more traffic for your site. [Forget not adding your site URL always in your articles].

Be careful and don't do things like a spammer, else you'll lose trust in many potential users.

Video Marketing.

Video marketing, like article marketing, is also a great way to improve traffic coming to your site.

You can create and optimize video tutorials for specific keywords, and upload to YouTube and other video sites. [Keyword optimizing your videos will help it get ranked in search engines]

In the video description, you can insert a complete script form of the video tutorial, plus your site URL. This is also a great way for users to be able reaching your website after viewing.

There are numerous ways to automate this process, submitting your videos to thousands of video sites. And this will also bring a large number of backlinks and views drastically.

The E-mail Signature.

Using the E-mail signature is the easiest and effective method of driving free traffic to your sites.

E-mail programs allow you adding your signature to their layouts. So every mail that you'll send out, will automatically contain your predefined signature at the bottom line.

To add your signature into an e-mail layout, in the e-mail program's menu bar, you'll simply select, Tools » Options » Signature, add your site URL inside the signature input field, and save it.

From here every e-mail you'll send out will contain a clickable URL of your website at the bottom. This is mostly used in e-mail marketing, but also a very effective traffic generator for websites and blogs.

Some e-mail program's editor allows direct placement of a hyperlink, making it easier to add a clickable link.

Forum Marketing.

Forum Marketing is another powerful way you can drive potential traffic. However, you'll need a lot of patience to let it grow.

Find and join a forum of your passionate niche that has a lot of members. In your profile, you can introduce yourself to the forum, adding your signature into it. This will appear always at the bottom of your posts. Don't forget to add a profile picture, then this is a way of building trust among other forum members.

Now, start contributing to topics wisely, offer value to the forum, providing valuable information. Start interesting topics, you can sometimes be a bit controversial. This brings more publicity. Don't go pitching for traffic directly, because doing so will sound more like a spam, and you'll be ignored or thrown out quickly.

Know your limit of contribution and allow others also having to say on topics.

Don't be a "Mr. knows all". Recognition will start rising gradually, and traffic will follow freely.

However, you'll still have to know that success comes by, only when you are able to specify solutions to specific problems others are encountering.

Build Great Contents.

There are many legal ways building links, driving traffic to your site, and multiplying your revenue. However, you can't go pass building great contents. Listen to Google's Matt Cutts in video below.

Matt Cutts | Build Great Contents.


Man will give you worldly powers, and make you feel on top of all, note this is temporally and could be redrawn at anytime sending you back to the ground floor of life. However, the Lord Almighty, the one and the only rightful ruler of the Universe, blesses everlastingly.


Knowledge is Power, but Power is not Knowledge. Wisdom is the truthful Power that identifies the Knowledge within the man. And only, I repeat 3x. Only the almighty God has the power to bless the man with his Wisdom forever.

To achieve the Lord's blessings, cease not praying daily, asking for his Wisdom, and you'll be blessed abundantly...


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