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Create Error 404 Page.

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What is Error 404.

An "error 404 page" is a notification page. A browser will load this, when a requested page is for any reason missing on a server or link broken.

You can customize this page, placing links, and information on it. And this will redirect users to the alternative page you'll provide. [Preferably, your "SiteMap"]

Customizing An Error 404 Page.

To customize such a page on your site, you'll first have to create the page to suit your needs. And save it, for example, under notfound.html (or .php, .htm, and so on).

Create a .htaccess file as explained in the intro to .htaccess page with the following code inside the file on a single line: ErrorDocument 404 /notfound.html and upload both files onto your server using FTP.

HTACCESS File And Custom Page Directoty.

Note: If the notfound.html file isn't in the same directory as the .htaccess file.

Let's say you placed it in a folder named pages in your root folder while the .htaccess file also residing directly inside the same root folder.

You'll simply need to edit the code inside the .htaccess file to follow the right path. Which in this case, is the pages' folder, inside your root folder like so:

ErrorDocument 404 /pages /notfound.html

Testing And Troubleshooting.

After uploading both files, type your domain name in a browser [Online] to visit your site.

Try changing a letter in the URL, hit the enter key on your keyboard, and see what will happen.

Normally, the browser has to load your customized "Error 404 page". If not, go back and troubleshoot the whole process as explained from above. Check also the inro to .htaccess page for more details.

.htaccess Error 404.


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