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Ghana and Oil.

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The Pledge.

I'm a Patriotic son of Ghana. I've pledged to serve Ghana my motherland, be truthful, and loyal to her, raise her Flag wherever necessary, and will live for her forIver in a striver. Amen.

God Bless Ghana.

The People Of Ghana.

Ghana is already very popular with its former name [Gold Coast, and Football].

The people of Ghana if you ever met one, are very humbly, respectfully, and Godly. The most common nickname for the Ghana policemen is "KWAKU" which is normally, a name for male born on Wednesday. This is a nickname of making fun with them in a kind of a way, they aren't comics.

However, the policemen love to hear that because they are very friendly.

Comparing them to other policemen in other countries around the World, they are truly your best friends and helpers.

The birthday of Ghana, is the 6th of March 1957. The first colonial country in the south west of Africa to get Independence from the Whiteman.

Ghana is a peaceful Mother whose Children "home-wisely" brought up to be Kings and Queens.

President J.A. Koffour, founder of the Jubilee field oil in Ghana

The Table Has Turned.

Look at what God has done! GHANA is now getting very RICH with OIL.

Ghana has been over years the leading producer of Cocoa, and Gold in the whole World. Not mentioning other raw materials the Nation is filled with.

The Hit On A Calabash Full Of Oil.

The democratic Government of Ex-President J.A. Kuffour [right photo] and his party the National Patriotic Party [NPP], a few years ago hit on the oil resource [Jubilee Field] in the country the first time. And truly, with hard working, they established the process of Ghana getting ready to drill oil the first time in its history.

This Day, Ghanaians Will, Always Remember.

This day, Ghana celebrates its oil boom in the country.

This day, oil started flowing into the tankers of Jubilee Field.

This day, Ghana starts exporting oil around the World.

This day, Ghanaians starts savoring the tears of joy.

This day, Ghanaians gives to the Lord thanks and praises endlessly.

This day, is a blessed day Ghana will always remember.

This day, is the December 15, 2010.

And from this day on, the country is heading towards, being one of the oil richest countries around the World. RESPECT and welcome to the Ghana. <The Silky Jungle!>

Yes, Ghana Can.

From the past years Ghana has proven to the world that she can also, democratically rebuild her Nation. Ghana is a trustworthy country that has stabilized in whatever she's doing.

Ghana is truly Religious, and have many lovely characters within the Country.

Ghana is a country that hasn't seen war for decades. She's a peaceful and harmonious mother everyone can rest on.

The hottest news in the median today is ...

Is Ghana going to be able to hold control over the usage and managements of the revenue that will be coming out of the Jubilee Field's oil resource?

Stop Painting Ghana With Stupid Colors.

Many have been describing Ghana to be one of the poorest countries around the World that has no sense of management and control when it comes to dealing with money.

<Laugh - hahaha!>

If this's not a blow right in the face, then I'm clueless 'bout what an assault is.

How can someone write such a mess 'bout a blessed nation like Ghana?

In-brain Planted Weakness.

Sometimes, all these silly talks are kinds of strategies from some companies looking forward to achieving a particular job from someone. If they publish such news, in the median, it will click on the brain of their victim, to pay an attention to his / her In-brain planted weakness. They'll then feel closer to the winning of their transactions of getting such a Job.

And for oil business, a country will have to pay a lot to hire companies like these to do such managements and controls over revenue.

On the other hand, start treating one this way, psychologically, pressures the victim to do mistakes.

This will brake the victim's wings, and will start looking for help. And when they start to do this, they'll be locked in the net of their oppressor. Just imaging how they'll use you.

Forward Ever Backwards Never.

Ghana is grown past such a "Baby-wrong" trick and will never fall into it. We promise.
The world must know right from ages, things have been changing for better in Ghana, and this success will be a one way street Ghana will be traveling on forever.

Forward ever backwards never (Said by Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, some years back).

Ghana is wise enough to manage its own revenue like any other advance country on this planet earth. Leave us alone.

Ghana Jubilee Oil Field.


Man will give you worldly powers, and make you feel on top of all, note this is temporally and could be redrawn at anytime sending you back to the ground floor of life. However, the Lord Almighty, the one and the only rightful ruler of the Universe, blesses everlastingly.


Knowledge is Power, but Power is not Knowledge. Wisdom is the truthful Power that identifies the Knowledge within the man. And only, I repeat 3x. Only the almighty God has the power to bless the man with his Wisdom forever.

To achieve the Lord's blessings, cease not praying daily, asking for his Wisdom, and you'll be blessed abundantly...


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