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What Is A Domain Name?

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You want to create a website? then you need a domain name and a web hosting account.

You may be new to these two names, and so curious to know what they are.

Let me explain it in a casual way for your simple understanding.

It's like, you rent a shop, your Landlord is your hosting provider. And your shop's name is your domain name.

You'll learn here, what a domain name is, domain extension, how to choose the right one, and why you need one.

Domain Name

What Is a Domain Name?

Domain names are made up of two parts.

1.The domain name itself.

2. And the domain name's extension.

Both comes together, building up the address a user will type into a browser in order to reach a website.

They follows at the immediate of the https://www. For Example, the domain name plus the extension for this website is https://www. ghanachild.com (-check image above-).

More On Domain Name Plus Extensions.

A domain name can be of any mixture of letters and/ or numbers up to 63 characters.

The domain name extensions are however, specified always ready.

The most common domain name extensions are, .com, .org, .net, .info, .de, .biz, .name etc.

You can preferably, choose one of the extensions above and add to your chosen domain name.

FastLane #1

Make sure your domain name will correspond to whatever your purpose of creating a website will be.

This will be good for the friendliness sake to users and search engines.

Thist is not a must be, but a wise be.

Just suppose you're selling fruits online with a domain name, www.sheos.com instead of maybe coming up with something very simple and catchy like www.sweetfruits.com.

Remember, choosing of a suitable domain name can help users find you quickly, and mostly remember your domain name off their heads. And so will search engines also find and rank your site easily.

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