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The Following Are What Each Can Do At Best.

  • PHP collect data, and create dynamic calculations for MySQL.
  • MySQL stores the information, and supplies PHP with the variables it can use for its calculations.
  • In e-commerce, PHP creates the shopping cart for the website.
  • MySQL keeps the data in a special format PHP can use to produce receipts on request.

As you can see PHP and MySql are very great business partners, that holds their backs heading towards the same goal. As said earlier, PHP is the information collector and the website creator. MySql is the bank that stores all information PHP will need to use for its works.

This means you'll mostly need to write a few lines of PHP script to load whatever your request will be, if stored inside MySQL databank [ MySQL is a bank filled with users' data].

PHP Creates A Website On A Fly, At User Requests.

Whenever a user will request for a PHP website, entering the domain name into their browser, and hitting the enter button on their keyboard, or send a request. The PHP script inside the index.php file on the requested domain's root server will place a request on the server.

The server will then interpret the PHP code and use the databank information, to output a web page in HTML format back to the browser of the requested user.

This makes it much easier for a webmaster to produce information stored e.g. in a databank directly into a document without hassle. This makes a website more dynamic, and user friendly.

In Other Words.

The Server retrieves the PHP script [query]. And uses MySQL databank information to create a specific HTML document on the fly, and send it back to the requested browser, at a user request.

This is nearly impossible for HTML alone to achieve. The game is together they stand very strong, and even when divided still good on their fields. Knowing that both are standalone programs that can also work individually as well.

Let's Create A Webpage Using PHP And MySql Magic.

Now, let's see how we can use a few PHP scripting, embedded into HTML, to achieve a complete web page. We'll normally need a whole lot of HTML tags and attribute to create.

See script below.

<title> PHP Test Script </title>
	phpinfo( );

Before we'll continue, try copying the code above, save it under index.php and upload it onto your server. Afterwards go and open the file in your browser and see what will happen.

The server must have PHP and MySql inatall on it.

  • If you'll like to test this on your local PC, a server must be installed and prepared to execute .php file. Read a related article on how to install a web sever to execute .php file.
  • If you'll like to test this on your hosting server, make sure the server is having PHP and MySql inatalled on it, you may ask your provider. [Most servers are at standard equipped with PHP and MySql these days].

A Love Story About PHP And MySql.


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