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Free Scripting Editors.

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Here's where you're going to get the real setup to start learning HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, FTP etc....

I highly recommend everyone read through the whole steps. And, watch the video tutorial carefully before continuing.

Notepad [Included In Microsoft OS].

Normally, all you'll need, to start writing your scripts is the NOTEPAD. NotePadThis small editor is always included when you install the operating system Windows xx.

If you really know what this little notepad can do eh! I bet you'll never underrate it.

Notepad is the most ignored writing tool in majority homes, just because folks don't know what it's capable of doing. However, I'm going to reveal the secrets of its strength to you.

Firstly, go find Notepad now and let's get started.

Type into your command prompt, Notepad.exe, hit the enter button, and watch out for the plain white sheet get opened, leave it open and read ahead.

Stand-Alone Free Scripting Editors.

Anyway, Notepad isn't the only free tool available. However, the most reachable at all times in the case you'll need to script.

When it comes to writing your codes, there are many free editors you can use, and they all works almost the same way.

You can find out by typing e.g. free html editor in any search engine. And for sure you'll stumble upon a ton of Scripting Editors.

Just be watchful, and ignore any trial version for now. Surely, there are free and useful ones you can find to use.


One of the free and useful editors you can find is Notepad++, it's got more extra features.

To be very honest with you, there are also some powerful commercial editors, easy to use with many features.

For example, Adobe Dreamweaver will give you much more flexibility. And I personally recommend it for everyone, because if you really want to go fast up your work, then it's Dreamweaver [WYSIWYG] you'll need to buy.

Don't forget you are at a learning point and will need to get use to writing your script off head, so you better have to first stick to the NOTEPAD before going in for any WYSIWYG.

KompoZer [WYSIWYG].


KompoZer is the top free WYSIWYG editor, alternative to Adobe Dreamweaver. It's a function rich editor for both beginners, and professionals. And also available in major languages.

Regardless, which one you'll prefer using, either paid or free editor. You must acquire the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, the fundamentals, or you'll find it difficult using it.

This is why you have to stick first to the NOTEPAD for learning how to write your codes. So when it comes to Troubleshooting you'll be able to work things out easily.

Top 5 Additional Free Editors.

  • Free Script Editor.
    • Free Script Editor is a great tool web developers enjoy very much. It highlights syntax for HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, VBScript etc. It's very fast, and has many functions that welcome programmers of many scripting languages.
  • SeeMonkey WYSIWYG Editor.
    • SeaMonkey is the Mozilla Internet application suite. A free WYSIWYG editor with a build-In FTP, a web browser, email and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and a composer. Its build-In web browser makes it easier testing site pages.
  • PageBreeze WYSIWYG Editor.
    • PageBreeze HTML Editor is a WYSIWYG award-winning HTML Editor, both for beginners and professionals. Its stunning visual and tag source editing layouts allows you create powerful web pages very easy, and it's 100% free.
  • Trellian WebPage Editor.
    • Trellian WebPage Editor is a non-distructive application with unlimited undos. It also features easy image conversion and resampling tools, allowing the conversion of images to various formats, and support for many Photoshop Plugins. This Editor provides drag & drop function and absolute positioning of HTML elements, which makes it also easier layering page elements. It's free and will remain free as Trellian promises.
  • W3C Amaya WYSIWYG Editor.
    • Amaya is a W3C open source software project. Its WYSIWYG Editor is a great tool used to create, and update documents directly on the web. It features tools like, Browser, FTP, and ready to use themes for your website.
      At default the page's text size is reduced to about 70% of the standard browser size. However, its zoom-In and Out feature allows you to customize the page to your desire size, making it editing friendly. It's another great, and free alternative to the popularly used Adobe Dreamweaver.
Alternative free web editors

Create Your Own WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor.

Checkout the part two of the creation of custom WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor video tutorial from Adam Khoury-www.developphp.com. Give thanks.


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