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HTML <base> Tag Usage.

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The <base> tag defines a default URL, for links inside a document. You can use only one <base> tag in a document, and must be placed on top of all the elements inside the <head> tag.

This allows browser to load the <base> element first so elements followed after can use information stored inside.

Quick <base> tag DOs And DON'Ts

  1. The <base> tag resides always inside the <head> tags.
  2. The <base> tag defines a default target and, or address for the entire page.
  3. The <base> tag is an empty tag and must be properly closed in XHTML as in Illustration below, otherwise should be closed without forward slash.
  4. In HTML4 and 5 the <base> tag will look like this; <base href="URL">
  5. The <base> tag doesn't assistance any standard attributes.
  6. The <base> tag uses either an href attribute, a target attribute, or both.
  7. The <base> element is supported in all browsers, and is not changed in HTML5 as from XHTML.

See Illustration below.

Defining <base> Image Source And Target For Links In The <head> Section.

<base href="https://www.ghanachild.com/images/"
 target="_blank" />

Relative Image Source And Non-Target URL Inside <body>.

<img src="animated_logo.gif" />

<a href="https://www.ghanachild.com">GhanaChild</a>

Explaining The <base> URL Usage | Image Source.

In the <head> Section illustration above, the <base> URL for images is defined within the <head> tag, notifying browsers to look for images inside https://www.ghanachild.com/images [standard images folder].

This allow us to specify image addresses relatively in our document, [See <body> Content above].

And browsers will go looking for images inside our defined <base> URL.

See illustration below.

If we specify image source like so;
<img src="animated_logo.gif" />

Browser sees it like so;
<img src="https://www.ghanachild.com/images/
animated_logo.gif" />

Explaining The <base> Target Usage | Links.

Notice also that our defined link in the <body> content illustration has no target. However, the <base> target defined in the <head> Content takes care of, that our document opens in a new window whenever a user clicks on its link.

See illustration below.

If we specify a link like so;
<a href="https://www.ghanachild.com">GhanaChild</a>

Browser sees it like so;
<a href="https://www.ghanachild.com" 

HTML Base Element


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