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Easily Solve Windows PC Bluescreen Problems.

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In this chapter, you'll learn the most common reasons why a PC will show BLUESCREEN and how to easily solve such problems. We are going to deal with the following Bluescreen problems;

Common Bluescreen Causes.

If your computer is blue-screening very frequently, then there's a problem to be solved. Blue screen could be a cause for various reasons;

  1. An incompatible driver installed lately, or your PC is running an outdated low-level software inside Windows Operating System.
  2. Your system may be affected by a virus, malware, PC killer-ware and u-name-it.
  3. A hardware installed lately or for some reasons defected. Commonly, are RAM errors.
  4. PC is over-heating. Most usually it will shut down automatically, or cause blue-screen to occur.

Driver Solution In Safe Mode.

Firstly, try booting into safe mode by pressing the f8 button during PC startup. In safe mode, Windows will load only the essential drivers it needs, and so if a driver you've installed is the cause for Windows blue screening, it shouldn't do so in safe mode, because it won't be loaded. You can here then work on fixing the problem easily without system automatically restarting or blue-screening.

Windows always create a report file, at every time blue screen occurs into a folder name " minidump" which helps you easily identify blue-screen causes. You can read such report files easily using Nir Soft Blue Screen View free software.

You can also use the Windows Action Center to solve blue screen problems from Windows 7 upwards. Windows analysis problems in Action Center and offer ways to fix 'em.

Nir Soft Blue Screen View

Windows Action Center

You can also use the Windows Action Center to solve blue screen problems from Windows 7 upwards. Windows analysis problems in Action Center and offer information on how to fix them.

Windows Action Center

Scan PC For Malware, Viruses

No joke! Some malwares can dive deep down into Windows low-level state "Atlantis " and when they get hold of its Kernel, instability will surely take-over and this will cause your system to easily crash.

Scan your PC thoroughly now with free Malwarebytes, free AVG virus scanner and AdwCleaner, and all in windows safe mode. You may later buy the premium versions of mentioned software to support their hard work, if you see 'em fit.

Restore Or Install Windows To New.

Alternatively, you may restore your system back to a restore point on your system hard disk, or to a system backed up, either on a DVD or an external hard disk, else you must install Windows completely to new.

[Meaning, you'll lose everything on the system partition].

If you decide to install Windows to new, then it will be wise to format your harddisk to the lowest level point.

FastLane Tip#1

Use Windows XP installation CD/DV to format your windows OS partition to NTFS format

Or format with FDISK command in DOS using a bootable DOS CD/DVD or your system compatible medium and manually convert partition from FAT to NTFS.

Low-Level Formating Harddisk With Win XP CD/DVD

Hardware Error Solution.

Remove all lately installed Hardware and restart your system, if the problem still exists, apply the above software solutions. If problem still can't be solved, your mainboard might be faulty.

Else if the problem is solved, you can start installing your Hardware one by one, while starting your PC at every time you add a new Hardware, this way you'll easily detect the faulty Hardware that's causing blue screening easily.

RAM Testing Solution.

Sometimes RAMs can also be faulty and will be causing blue screening. Download and use MemTest86 to test your RAMs for vulnerability. You can get both the USB and or CD formats for free.

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