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This is the time to put all you've learned together and start creating your first page.

This could be used as the main template of your entire site.

Links here will respectively take you specifically to pages that contain tutorials about all you'll need to start creating to uploading your site pages.

Putting All Together.

  • Creating Site Folder Structure.
    • This is all about creating your site folders, knowing your site root. And the placement of your site pages for easy linking, and construction.
  • Creating Your First Web Page.
    • You'll learn how to insert CSS in the head section, use HTML elements to create your first web page, and format page content using your pre-defined CSS rules.
  • Cross Browser Solution.
    • Learn to understand the necessity of the cross browser solution, and create your site pages to stay fit in all browsers.
  • Validating Site Pages.
    • Learn how to validate your website pages, using the W3C validating tool, and prove to your users the fitness of your site codes.
  • Uploading Site Pages.
    • You'll learn how to upload your files to your remote server, the tool you'll need to use and how it works.

Let's see what comes next.

Stay tuned and watch out for more tutorials to come.

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