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In this tutorial we are going to quickly learn what a blog is, how it works, types of blogs, how and where to get one, and create one. However, i'd like to give you a short clue before we start.

A Blog allows you to dynamically post messages, videos, audio and many more, it's the easiest way of journalism, not like a normal or better saying a static website that waits for you to rearrange your posts, it's dynamic, meaning it categorizes itself either under date or time of posts. Just read ahead for more...

When I First Thoughts About Making Income Online.

I quite remember when I first thought about a way of making money online.

I knew nothing about a blog at then, not even mentioning how to make it generate a dime.

So what I did was that, I started my computer, my browser, and then typed these words into Google search. "How to make money online"


And to my surprise, I found unlimited blogs, and websites that teaches how to make money online easily.

However, the most sites I found were scams. I mean, people who want your money with some kind of tricks. Knowing that whoever will seek for the knowledge of making money online is eagerly about that, and could be dripped off easily.

The Researching And Blogging Mentors.

I took my time and started visiting a blog after blog, website after website, reading their posts, subscribing to some trusted ones.

In no time, I came in contact with some serious bloggers, who decided to teach me how to create, and start blogging for free. They are still my mentors. Respect, and God bless them.

The Attainment And The Vow.

Today, I'm a webmaster and a blogger, earning enough money for me and my Family seriously. I give thanks once more to my Mentors out there.

I've promised to extend the knowledge I achieved from my Mentors out to the needy for free. That was the deal. You may grasp it, and if it works for you, please teach others, along the way.

Top Tips On Starting To Create A Blog.

Creating a blog is a very simple practice. It's unnecessarily, writing a single line of a code to get your blog up and running online.

There are two ways you can write your post. You may use the HTML or the WYSIWYG method. However, the choice is yours and the results is most likely the same.

Blog updates regularly, whiles a website might be static and its content usually remaining the same. Unless created dynamically using a scripting language like PHP and a database program like MySql. Learn more.

There Are Two Possible Ways Of Hosting A Blog.

  1. You can get your blog hosted by your selected blog company. Let's pretend using wordpress.com as your host. And your blog name could look as follows: https://myblog.wordpress.com/ and it's free.
  2. You can also get your blog hosted by your website hosting company. Depending on the type of hosting plan you'll purchse, installation could be done directly from their c-panel.
    1. You may choose to use a hosting company like Godaddy.com if you are a newbie and looking for where to start. Prices for their unbeatable services are moderately comparable to none. Your blog name could then look somehow like this: https://www.myblog.com.
    2. You may alternatively, create a subdomain for your blog, if you already have a domain. Name the subdomain as you'll prefer. Use the root domain for your static website, and the subdomain for your blog. This could also look somehow like this: https://www.myblog.mywebsite.com.
    3. Refer from your chosen hosting company about the type of hosting account you'll need for using a multiple domain.

Blog For Private Bloggers.

The first part [Hosting with the blog company] is free. Buying a domain is unnecessarily here.

Firstly, you'll create an account with either wordpress.com, blog.com, or blogger.com, Secondly, you'll choose a unique name for your blog, add the necessary information, start rolling through the back office, to continue configuration, and start blogging.

However, you'll be restricted on using the free choice, so I do recommend this for private uses only.

Blog For Commercial Bloggers.

Affiliate Marketers or commercial bloggers will need freedom of using links and more on their blogs. I, therefore, highly recommend using the second part [Hosting with a paid domain] which will allow many home rules for placing links and more on your blogs.

You can also install a blog on your own Web server using MediaWiki a free software. You may download from https://wikipedia.sourceforge.net.

What are Blogs, Blogger And Blogging?

A Blogger is an author of a blog, in other words, a person who creates blogs.

A Blog is in toto a daily or weekly post a blogger adds online for his or her readers.

It's also known as a dairy, journal, or a weblog, paraphrased, what is the new page or journal?.

What Is Blogging?

What bloggers do with their blogs is known as blogging. These include, actions like adding articles, updating and editing of their blogs.

The content of a blog is published in progressive method. And organised in groups, categories, dates, and updates very frequently.

Users may read articles and give comments on them, or share their views with other Users. This's somehow like in a forum.

The Definition Of A Blog.

A blog can be defined with the media contained within or with its genre.

View examples in the list below.

Top Ten Worthy Guidelines To Create An Income Generative Blog.

After watching the video on the right side you'll be capable of creating your first blog.

Let's pretend for a moment you've created a blog. You are now thinking of what to start posting, and how it will bring income.

Now, follow the steps below. Learn what you'll need to know on making your blog fit to generate income.

  1. In the first place, you'll go and find the right niche to start with. Make sure to find a topic you're passionate about.
    1. Avoid rushing into a niche you're dispassionate about. You should know that your passion is the only weapon that will make users listen to you.
    2. And if they see you know about what you're talking about they'll take whatever you'll give them.
    3. Be careful and don't trick them because they trusted you, for they are the people that will make you rich.
    4. If they don't buy from you, they might recommend you. And this is a life time establishment. I repeat, be prudent and handle them like uncooked eggs on a plate.
  2. Use keyword tools to find the relevant keywords you'll like to use in writing your articles.
    1. This is important for Search Engine optimization (SEO).
    2. Make sure to use those keywords in your articles. However, you must be very flexible, and avoid squeezing keywords into places users won't be expecting them.
    3. Keywords are what user will use to find you in Search Engines. 
  3. Find the right theme for your blog, and use the suitable plug-Ins appropriately. You'll find many free ones to use from your themes, and Plug-Ins panels in wordpress.
    1. What you seriously should be aware of is, your first impression. This is your debut, and if you fail, my dear friend it will be very hard to get some user back. Be sure of using a theme that will let visitors stay at least five minutes on your blog. And make sure to provide articles that can hold their curiosity making them come back time and time again.
    2. You may go professional, buying themes and plug-Ins like THESIS.
    3. I seriously recommend using THESIS when hosting your blog on your own domain.
    4. Note: Investing in your business makes it only stronger and brings more revenue. However, you'll need to invest wisely.
  4. Write unique articles, avoid grammar and typing mistakes, and always go straight to the point of your explanations.
    1. Write articles with casual controversies, strictly stay away from politics, pornographic, and all illegal acts.
    2. Try to create friendly jokes that contain some educational background, and keep your articles active, reading it.
  5. Use appropriate titles, and page descriptions so users will find it easy to read your articles.
  6. Go and read what others are writing about, in blog forums. Try indulging yourself in what people are writing about wisely, and ask questions.
    1. This way you'll get yourself known to other great bloggers out there. And if you write good articles, they'll link to your site willingly, which will boost up your reputations in Search Engines.
    2. Check out the blogs of those ones you find clever enough. Read their articles, and subscribe to their feeds or newsletters.
    3. Read whatever you'll receive from them, and analyse their thoughts to see what they're doing right, and wrong. This way you can easily filter out what you'll do the proper way.
  7. Promote your blog the right way. Read my article on how to promote your site.
    1. Use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and make sure your site is registered in the open directory (ODP).
  8. Use the Aweber Autoresponder and features within. Build a list of your users so you can send them newsletters, and product offers easily.
    1. Create or buy a product you can give them for free. Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter first, so they can download the promised gift. Be truthful, and keep up to your promises for your word should be worthy to achieve trust.
    2. This will bring them back always, and probably their friends too will follow up.
    3. Always think about copyright and don't infringe them.
    4. Respect their privacy, and handle them as, you'd like other to handle you.
  9. Be sure to update your articles regularly. Keep in mind, this is the food for your users, and you'll need to feed them regularly, or they'll be gone if someone else does.
  10. Lastly, Invest in your business if you make money, like I said earlier you'll only get stronger if you do invest the right way. Remember you have lots of competitors out there, and you need to stand out of a million to reach the top. [It takes hard working].

When your blog is ready, and well optimized, with unique information, you'll get traffic easily.

Just follow the next steps onward and start making money with your blog right away without stress.

Top Affiliate Programs For Your Website And Blog.

  • Register and use Google Adsense to get ads you can place on your blog or website. And when users click through them, you'll earn a piece of the cake from Google's Adwords income.
  • Sign-Up into Clickbank , search for products related to your niche and start promoting them on your blog. You can earn up to 75% of the cost price of a product.
  • Register and sign-In to Commission Junction and use your Blog or Website to generate income by promoting products. CJ will need to analyse and approve your site first.
  • Make more income promoting Amazon products on your website or blog.
  • Sign-Up at Avangate, start promoting, sell softwares of all kinds and make revenue at a higher commission rate.
  • Visit the Top Affiliate pool, and find your choice of Affliate platform to use. There is a ton of services you can select from.
  • Join the Global Test Market , and make cash money just taking surveys.
  • Make money with Epic's azoogle ads.
  • Join the affiliate Clickbooth now.
  • ShareSale is another two-tire affiliate program you may like to join try it now.
  • Use AffiliateSeeking to find the best PPL [Pay Per Lead] Programs, and start making money online now.

I could list a ton of Affiliate programs here, but due to my page rank flow. I'll dwell up here with the above listed ones. I'm sure they will serve you more than necessary. For more affiliate programs use our search input-field in the head section.


Man will give you worldly powers, and make you feel on top of all, note this is temporally and could be redrawn at anytime sending you back to the ground floor of life. However, the Lord Almighty, the one and the only rightful ruler of the Universe, blesses everlastingly.


Knowledge is Power, but Power is not Knowledge. Wisdom is the truthful Power that identifies the Knowledge within the man. And only, I repeat 3x. Only the almighty God has the power to bless the man with his Wisdom forever.

To achieve the Lord's blessings, cease not praying daily, asking for his Wisdom, and you'll be blessed abundantly...

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