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Our entertainment corner is for people of all kinds who like to watch and listen to African movies, and music. Let's say longing for the blackbeat and movies one on one.

In The Beginning...

The creation of this website got me so isolated. It used to keep me indoors working all day long, sometimes a whole week long without pausing.

This kind of workaholic way of a life one day brought me to the old saying, that goes...

All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy. [Oops!]

Truly, this clicked at the back of my mind, and I asked myself. Hey, should I go out to play, or keep this work rolling to finish? Anyhow, I also thought 'bout the versa saying that as well goes...

All play, and no work, makes Jack a poor boy. [lol]

Well, The Answer Fell Out Simply As Follows.

  • I needed this website in time, because the folks out there was waiting on me to feed their minds with Educational information.
  • I just couldn't leave this work standing and walk out to play, while a whole lot of information needed to leave and relieve me.
  • I knew of poverty and would like to experience riches through affiliate - Marketing, both on and offline. [Takes hard-working].
  • I decided to create a web page entitled, "The Entertainment Corner" for my personal fun.
  • While still keeping to the hard work, and at the same time enjoying "The Entertainment Corner" 2 da max.

Entertainment Corner Opened To All.

However, the door to the Entertainment Corner will be opened to the world. Come in and watch with me, my favorite African movies, video clips, and listen to more Blackbeats for free.

Although, the job must get done. I will certainly, and continuously fill this Entertainment Corner with only the best music, video clips and movies. Watchout.

Everyone is warmly invited to share this corner with me, you may comment on what you'll experience here and all will be much appreciated. This will help us improve this corner more and more and more. Blessed. [Note; all media on this website are for promotion purposes only. Rights of works belongs to their respective owners]

Chronixx - Open Your Eyez - Feat. Buju Banton.

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Zylofon Media Company Ltd

Zylofon media is a multimedia entertainment company, established to supply profitable, acceptable, audio and visual entertainment to diverse domestic and international consumers.

The company is committed to professionally produce impeccable creative arts works that would be domestically edible and to transcends borders, as they firmly believe that, quality edible art works can be produced without lowering societal moral standards in a quest for commercial appeal.

They plan to produce indigenous artists and art works that would fit universal standards. These would cover a broad spectrum of the Creative Arts industry, in music; it would span from the Ghanaian Hi & hip Life, Jazz, Contemporary Christian Music, Dancehall, Reggae, Rock and so on, whereas the movie productions would mirror every aspect of global socio-culture, economic and political phases, worthy of their lenses to be subject to their editorial policy in their bid to inform, educate and entertain.

The company already has established ties with various artists in the industry, and plans to search for new artists to produce and market.

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Man will give you worldly powers, and make you feel on top of all, note this is temporally and could be redrawn at anytime sending you back to the ground floor of life. However, the Lord Almighty, the one and the only rightful ruler of the Universe, blesses everlastingly.


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To achieve the Lord's blessings, cease not praying daily, asking for his Wisdom, and you'll be blessed abundantly...


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