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Learn How To Validate Your Site Pages.

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To prove to your users that your site conforms to the W3C standards, and that your codes are correctly written without errors. You'll need to validate your site pages with the W3C validator.

In this tutorial you'll learn how to validate your site pages and how to add a W3C site validation seal onto your site pages.

HTML And CSS Validation Services.

Some text editors have build in markup validation tools that enables you validate your documents easily, as you compose them. e.g. Adobe Dreamweaver allows you validate both server side and local files using the W3C validation service instantly within.

However, if you are using a text editor like NOTPAD, you can also Validate your HTML or HTML with CSS or only CSS document using the W3C validation services directly on their website for free.

How To Use The W3C Validation Services.

There are three ways you can validate a document, either HTML, CSS or HTML with CSS, by using methods below.

  1. Validate document by URI [Uniform Resource Identifier]
  2. Validate document by File Upload
  3. Validate document by Direct Input

URI [Uniform Resource Identifier].

W3C HTML URI Validation Service

W3C CSS URI Validation Service

Using the W3C URI Validation Services, you can validate an online document, just by hitting on one of the links above, relating to the type of document you'll want to validate. On the W3C URI validation site you'll find a text input field, enter a valid address e.g. https://ghanachild.com in addition you may use the More Options link to extend the capability of your request and then hit the CHECK button to execute the validation.

w3c markup validation service

File Upload

W3C HTML File Upload Validation Service

W3C CSS File Upload Validation Service

The file upload validation method allows you to add a path to a file on your local disk for validation. Click on one of the links above that respond to the type of file you'll like to upload for validation. Use the Browse button to add your file's path, you may also use the More Options link to extend the capability of your request and then hit the CHECK button to execute the validation.

Direct Input

W3C HTML Direct Input Validation Service

W3C CSS Direct Input Validation Service

To validate a document using the direct input, all you'll need to do is to copy the HTML, CSS or HTML with CSS file completely onto clipboard.

Click one of the appropriate links above. On the W3C direct input validation site you'll find a textarea box, paste your copied script into it. Below the textarea box you can use the More Options link to extend the capability of your request and then hit the CHECK button to execute the validation.

w3c css validation service

Validation Rewards And Errors Troubleshooting.

After using any of the methods above, you'll be redirected to a site that will decide the value of your document. And if your HTML, CSS or HTML with CSS document is valid, you'll be congratulated with a green page. If not, you'll receive a red page with hints on errors, and how you can troubleshoot them.

A valid document will also receive on the green page a prepared code you can copy and paste into your HTML document.

This will display an HTML or CSS logo on your page, showing the validity of your web page, depending on what you validated.

Below is the type of validation code you'll receive if your page passes the test.

XHTML and CSS are Valide

Site Validation Tutorial -W3C


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