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We've being talking about so many legal ways and means of making money on this website, from affiliate marketing to adsense. However, the world wide web offers more than we can easily think of, so researching keeps continuing as long as we are here.

Now read our great tips on the newly founded money making machine and how you can get those big-time companies out there to sponsor ads. Enjoy it.

Money Making Machines


YouData is an online money making machine, which can monetize your attention. This is for real and for everyone.
This is a great tool for everyone that uses the internet no matter how. It's the easiest way you can get paid on every Friday through PayPal.

Watch the video tutorial below for more clue on how it could easily make you some dough with your attention easily.

Youdata Intro Video.

If the video above catches your attention and you ready to get started then waste no time 'cause users are getting higher above planed, and who knows, registration might close for sometime.

YouData is at this moment available to only people living in USA. However, the YouData team solemnly promise to extend the use of their platform across its current extend, and will sooner or later be available to all. For more information check the YouData website.

Undertsanding How To Get Sponsored Ads.

In this tutorial you'll learn to undertsand, and get ads sponsored by great companies directly which will boost your earning than any Affiliate program, Google adsense, YouData, and co.

Remember, getting ads from companies like formerly mentioned, you'll be earning in the third man's position, which is not bad at all. However, direct ads will be earning you money in the second man's positing, and this time the deal will be between you, and the company that wants to get advertised directly, which is great. And if you lucky and get accepted, then you'll get paid than the usual way.

How To Prepare Towards Your Application For Direct Ads.

Believe me, getting direct ads can be from any company in this world, no matter how big or small. However, you'll need to approach them the right way, and at the right time.

Strong 10 Getting Ready Tips For Direct Ads.

  1. You'll need a personal domain, which may contain a static or dynamic website or a blog. Your site must be a paid domain like;
    [ https:// www.yourdomain.com and not http:www.yourdomain.wordpress.com]
  2. Your content must be genuine, unique, organized, SEO optimized, grammatically composed, and free from any art of spams and or viruses.
  3. Website shouldn't be already filled with ads, because very good sponsors want less competitions.
  4. Site must be receiving 1000+ views per month, and should be ranking very good in Search enginges like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Prove site perfomance with Alexa Report .
  5. You may also start doing some sponsoring like, Kids footbal team, Kindergarten and so on which will much attract the attention of the media and some companies will be willing to help you help others. Forget not, the name of the game is to give and take.
  6. Write regularly and keep cleaning your site being up to date.
  7. Make sure your site structure is well organized, so one can easily follow up. Sitemap.
  8. Now, draw a concept, why a company should advertize on your site.
  9. Do not send an email, in der first place you should present your concept PERSONALLY.
  10. If you aren't a good speaker, then you should find someone to do that for you.
    [Preferably a nice looking Girl who can persuade people. Do some exercises at home first.]



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